The Church & The City - 15/04/2020 (Episode 3 of 25 Weekly Episodes)

Why the church? I will build my church.
These famous words once uttered by our Lord Jesus Christ, through the ages, have given hope and inspiration to countless church leaders to continue with their efforts, even against the greatest odds under very challenging conditions. READ MORE

The Church & The City - 01/04/2020 (Episode 2 of 25 Weekly Episodes)

I love my city.
I have lived in Cape Town for almost sixty years. About 1 million people live in the immediate vicinity of the central business district, but more than 4 million live in the greater metropolitan area... more

The Church & The City - 01/03/2020 (Episode 1 of 25 Weekly Episodes)

For the longest time now there has been this phenomenon called the church. The phrase “the church” has many meanings but for the purposes of this book, whenever it is used it refers to that group of individuals who gather reg... more

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