Kwaka LQ (Pty) Ltd is a South African company providing turnkey services to offshore operators and asset owners. We specialise in the field of ship accommodation and living quarters encompassing activities among others, repairs, refurbishment and upgrades. Adaptable teams can work within specific operational constraints and in any location worldwide. We understand the complexities of this challenging industry and believe that all jobs can be delivered safely to the highest possible standard.

Kwaka LQ people
Kwaka LQ is located close to the main operators and ship repair facilities and the major ports of South Africa. The company was conceived in 2016.
Kwaka LQ repairs
Kwaka LQ repairs

Our Philosophy

Value add in accommodation refurbishment added:
  • Safe work environment for all personnel, subcontractors and clients,
  • Mastering our core business and skills,
  • Full understanding and management of interfaces with other disciplines,
  • Strong demands on quality.
These values are the foundation of a successful project delivered on time and also ensures that all workers and personnel will return home safely.

Kwaka LQ Safety Standards

Safety is paramount to the management of each project and aims at enforcing safe working practices through:
  • A permanently appointed Safety manager for a consistent safety protocol
  • Use of one working language (English)
  • Promoting safe practices in the workplace (eg. Toolbox and debrief talks, active supervision, safety officers, housekeeping etc)
  • Using the correct tools and safety equipment (Offering the best tools money can buy policy)


Kwaka LQ has developed a Quality Plan that includes a comprehensive inspection and testing plan. From the specifications through to completion, Kwaka LQ strives to deliver the highest level of quality.

Kwaka LQ people

Excellence in our core business

Kwaka LQ is commited to upskilling employees across its full range of disciplines, beyond their core trades. Further, subcontracting is reduced to minimum within our core disciplines.

Doing so offers various advantages:
  • General increase of skills within the company, by encouraging companionship,
  • Good awareness of the working environment, taking care of fellow workers,
  • Good interest in the work and as a consequence, pro-activity and stability
  • A stable, well motivated workforce that believes in its ability to deliver quality products on time.

Interfacing with other disciplines

Kwaka LQ believes that living quarters are highly integrated facilities, where various disciplines are involved and require a high level of interface management and integration. In order to deal with requirements outside our core disciplines, Kwaka LQ has developed strong relationships with specialist subcontractors.


Kwaka LQ believes that meeting the Customers’ demands within the regulatory requirements is achieved by a careful choice of technical solutions and a strong selection of products & materials. Clients are involved in suppliers and material selection and advice is provided by Kwaka LQ in order to ensure regulations are adhered to.
Kwaka LQ considers that marine installations and vessels are complex facilities. This requires a high level of integration with a good knowledge of maritime restraints and regulatory requirements.
Kwaka LQ ensures full traceability within the supply chain; material certificates are issued upon completion of works. Kwaka LQ also ensures that subcontractors use classified materials.
Since some materials require specific installation procedures, Kwaka LQ ensures that these are well established, written into procedures/method statements and understood by the workers. Training is organised through accredited agents.
Kwaka LQ people
Head Office:
Office Suite 6, Bureaux Black, The Nautica House,
Waterclub, Beach Road, Granger Bay, 8005
Tel: +27 83 320 1057 / +27 72 686 1824
VOIP +27 87 470 0374

Unit 19 (Warehouse), Island Works
20 Cumberland Road, Paarden Island
Cape Town, Western Cape, 7405